How to catch a cheating spouse

The easiest way to catch a spouse red handed while cheating you could make use of technology like Reverse Phone Lookup i.e. you can trace back all the call made from and to her cell phone to find the owner name and other minute details but there are other signs too of a cheating spouse.

While many of us may live our lives by a certain code or more specifically a routine that keeps us grounded in the day to day realities of life, we in some ways cannot help but admire the adventurers. We may not have the gumption to do what they do but inside of ourselves we fantasize about doing something just as exciting.

For more than a few cheating spouses they are experiencing that excitement. An extramarital affair is their version of living on the edge and they would not trade it for anything in the world. Why?

1. Hide and Seek

The most sophisticated and elaborate form of the childhood game with a much better payoff. Although in some ways it is not the prize at the end but the journey to get the prize. This means meeting the other person and then doing whatever is necessary not to get caught by theirspouse. Almost getting caught but somehow avoiding it due to luck or ingenuity adds to the excitement.

2. The Hunt

The philandering spouse meets someone whether you call it pride, hormones or both they just must have this person so the chase is on. The other person is fully aware of the fact they are being pursued. They may even know that the person doing the chasing is married. So they play hard to get a little bit more. They are well aware of what effect this will have and sure enough it works brilliantly. Thecheating spouse gets more excited and starts to hunt their prey more intensely.

3. Invincible

They cheated once and did not get caught. Next time, same thing. And so it goes until they build up this false sense of confidence that they are untouchable. They can have an affair anywhere, anyplace and anytime because they are just to clever and brilliant to ever be caught. That feeling of invincibility whether false or not can be quite a rush to acheating spouse.


Alayna said...

People always get excited when they think about cheating on their spouse. A cheating spouse feels that they can never get caught and that they are untouchable. But they forget that they will always get caught sooner or later. Many of them cover their tracks but it is inevitable that they will get caught.

Jennifer said...

Nice review. Thought came instantly to mind; What if I went to grab my phone and pushed the end/power/sleep button as a call came in? Would it end up ignoring that call or still ring through and give you the opportunity to answer or ignore?

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